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Anselm Hook

About Anselm Hook

Passionate about helping people "see" better. Interested in digital simulations, augmented reality, social cartography, real time brokerages and markets. Basically any tools that help people "signal" to each other across complex landscapes.

Guest post: Announcing World Makers

The goal of World Makers is to encourage people to build computer simulations of the world. This includes simulating water, weather, crops, land use policy or anything else. Models can be regional or global, simple sketches or full blown simulations.

The classic game ‘Sim City’ by Will Wright is perhaps the best known example of a computer simulation. It lets people build their own imaginary city from the ground up, placing roads, homes and services and measuring their success against the happiness of the population. The goal here is similar – but real – with real data, real stakeholders and real outcomes.

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