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Machine learning tools of the trade

Like any maturing discipline, machine learning is splitting into specialties.   And just as a surgeon uses a scalpel, and a general practitioner prefers a stethoscope, different tools are appropriate for different use cases within these subfields.

In the last few months, I’ve run projects that have used tools in at least five categories.    Here’s a roundup: Continue reading

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Machine learning is poised for mass adoption

Every few years, it’s exciting to witness a nascent technology emerge as a credibly disruptive influence around the world.  Personal computing exploded in the 1980s, the web in the 1990s.  Today, machine learning for the masses is on the brink of a similar explosion.

Remember when it was a stretch to think that Granny could understand the difference between software and hardware?  These days, she’s got her own computer—inconceivable in 1983!—and uses it for lots of tasks. The same will be true of machine learning, which is the technology that “connects the dots” between data and what she’s interested in. And if she can do it, so can you. Continue reading

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What causes the technology hype cycle (and what to do about it)?

The Internet of Things…Machine Learning…Self-Driving Cars…Artificial Intelligence…Big Data…Smart Cities…Decision Intelligence…my friends talk to me about their excitement about a whole lot of trends.  But which ones are real, and which will fizzle?

Before founding Quantellia, I spent six years as a technology analyst, where I was privileged to have an inside look at how tech trends boom and bust.  I learned a few important lessons.

It’s funny: the Hype Cycle is well-understood: those curves from Gartner, Geoffrey Moore, and others that show how technology follows a hype/disillusionment/acceptance curve. Continue reading

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