Machine Learning Services and Solutions

You need the experience and world-class expertise of a team that has built thousands of machine learning and data management systems for dozens of clients.  And you need to do it simply, controlling risk, and so that it maximizes your outcomes, be they revenues, minimized costs, wellness, sustainability, or more.

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    We invented the field of machine learning inductive transfer.  Then we took machine learning into dozens of organizations over the years, implementing neural networks, decision trees, regression systems, and more,  in areas like hazardous waste management, forensic hair analysis, computer vision, and DNA pattern recognition for the Human Genome Project, and budgeting, where our systems built the calculators for over $100M of US government spending.

    We are a five-star rated team, pushing the boundaries of machine learning into the new field of decision intelligence, which we invented.

    What we can do for you

    We build and integrate machine learning systems, and we’re passionate about demystifying this technology and making it accessible so that machine learning can be used throughout your organization to drive competitive advantage.

    It’s all about your business, and your bottom line.

    We do things like connecting data between S3 and Mahout / EMR,  running regressions in R / H2O, designing learning visualizations, designing success measurement code, finding the right number of hidden units in a neural network, and designing a machine learning solution to provide maximum value to your company, as soon as possible. We have a development and architecture team, can manage a team of analysts, train your staff, and can present to your executives.

    But the details are less important than the business value they bring to you. We are known by our world-class clients to be fast, effective, and delightful to work with.

    You might even consider having us hold a workshop for your company.