Link | The Secret Inside the Solutions Renaissance

In press, Emerald Press 2019.

Why aren’t the most powerful technologies being used to solve the most important problems: hunger, poverty, conflict, employment, democracy, disease, and new complexities faced by businesses? What’s missing?

A solution is crystallizing worldwide.  Technologists are using Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Complex Systems Theory, Simulation, Optimization, and more.  But, until now, these technologies have remained separate, and hard to understand, and they have remained within ivory towers, not accessible to the population at large to solve the problems that affect all of us the most.

Link is a road map to solving the hard problems, to reclaiming power in this new world, where technology has accelerated beyond our ability to understand or effectively control it.  Link brings technology back to earth, and connects it to our natural way of thinking.

But more than anything, Link is a handbook to future, a critical book for the ages that connects “head in the clouds” next-generation technology to “feet on the ground” practical steps that you can take: the best actions to solve the hardest problems. We can work together to solve them. We must.

After having delivered AI and ML solutions for over 30 years, and based on interviews with hundreds of experts, Pratt has identified the challenges that stop decision makers from being able to use the most important new technologies.

After reading Link you will learn:

  • What is the single thought pattern that everyone uses when making complex decisions?
  • What’s wrong with how we think about AI and data today?
  • How will non-specialists participate in the solutions ecosystem, driving new jobs aimed at solving the most important problems?
  • What is the technique that you can learn in 30 minutes that breaks through decision-making barriers?
  • How can this thought pattern be connected to the most powerful technologies—AI, ML, data—to supercharge decision making?
  • How is the vision of history’s great thinkers—Buckminster Fuller, Norbert Weiner, Douglas Englebart, Walt Disney, Mahatma Gandhi—unifying with those in today’s vanguard of cutting-edge technologies like Warm Data, Simulation Centers, and more?

Link shows how the emerging field of Decision Intelligence (DI)—which many experts agree is the next step in the evolution of AI—coordinates human decision makers with data, models, and more.

Link shows how the solution requires a new way of thinking: to shift from breaking problems into small parts, to understanding how those parts work together.  These parts include academic disciplines like economics, psychology, and neuroscience, along with data, AI, and human collaboration.

Link explains to nontechnical users how these technologies are being used to support responsible decisions.

Link chapters include:

    1. The Complexity Ceiling: Head hurting from bouncing against complex situations? Here’s why, and what to do about it.
    2. Technology Building Blocks to Solve the Hardest Problems: Making the complex simple, so we can use them as tools.
    3. The Science Behind Decisions: Beyond text to visual/spatial/motor understanding of complex situations.
    4. Getting Practical: How to break down complex situations into manageable pieces, and how to use advanced technology, evidence, and data (when appropriate) to be sure you get it right.
    5. The future of the Solutions Renaissance: What happens next, and how can you help?