Pulling Back the Curtain on #MachineLearning Apps in #Business

Please enjoy this interview broadcast today with me and Daniel G. Faggella of TechEmergence.  I touch on intelligence augmentation (IA), machine learning in vision, text, and other domains, the emerging decision intelligence ecosystem, the limits of data, and how to hire a machine learning consultant.

Interview Highlights

(1:52) Where do you see AI and Machine learning gaining traction today?

(6:08) What are some examples of vision projects
that people come to you, or other boutique consultants with, that are
vision problems, or are the experts really the ones suggesting, or are
people out there desirous of vision because they see what Facebook and
Google are doing?

(13:12) In addition to seeing where the traction is
today…in the next 5 or 10 years, where do you see more big companies and
[governments] moving in terms of implementing and applying AI and why?

(21:29) It sounds as though you’re of the belief
that governments are waking up to same possibility (of AI-powered
decision support processes)?

(23:46) When folks are weighing these options, seems
to be the ecosystem of machine learning – not as many big players as in
customer relationship management (CRM)…how are people, being as there
isn’t really a great vendor comparison out there, how are CEOs and folks
in important positions in governments making decisions around such a
niche, boutique, tailored type of technology?

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