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Machine learning tools of the trade

Like any maturing discipline, machine learning is splitting into specialties.   And just as a surgeon uses a scalpel, and a general practitioner prefers a stethoscope, different tools are appropriate for different use cases within these subfields.

In the last few months, I’ve run projects that have used tools in at least five categories.    Here’s a roundup: Continue reading

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What makes World Modeler different?

In anticipation of Mark Zangari’s upcoming talk on Agency Theory at MLConf Seattle, a question appeared on Quora yesterday asking  “What is the World Modeler platform and how does it compare to similar platforms?”  I thought I’d answer the question here.

(If you’re coming here from Quora, then skip to the bottom for the new stuff)

As explained in two kinds of software, some software systems have a “world model” at their core, which is a “cartoon” simplification of something in the real world.

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