The Decision Intelligence Ecosystem

It’s been an incredible last few weeks in the Decision Intelligence world, as we’re seeing an ecosystem emerging with new vendors, articles in IEEE, the New York Times, at HBR, and much more. I’ve taken a first shot, in the graphic below, of mapping the ecosystem. It’s not at all complete, so please send me entries for new nodes. I’ll also be tweaking the graphic going forward to make it easier to navigate. Enjoy!

To use this:

  1. If you’re seeing this in email, you’ll probably need to visit the web site to view the graphic below
  2. Drag the bubbles to explore. Move the large blue “Decision Intelligence” bubble will bring everything else along with it.
  3. Spin your mouse wheel to zoom in and out
  4. Single-clicking some bubbles will display a web site preview
  5. Click on the preview to visit the web site
  6. Go here to view the ecosystem on a page of its own
  7. Send me new data to keep this up-to-date!

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