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Hi, my name’s Lorien Pratt, and I’m Chief Scientist and cofounder of Quantellia. As part of this work, I’ve been promoting decision intelligence in a number of ways over the years, including the DI scoop.it page, the Effective Decision Making LinkedIn group, the World Modeler blog , videos on the DI YouTube site, working with the Decision Intelligence Institute and more. In the last couple of months, I’ve realized, however, that there are hundreds of “nuggets”: experiences, stories, concepts, and the like, which fit better into a blog form.

So today I’m setting out to start capturing these, on what I hope will be a reasonably regular basis. My goal is to provide a regular feed of news and insight into this exciting emerging discipline.

If you’ve read this far, you’ve probably already got a notion of why decision intelligence is important to you.

  • Maybe you’re a machine learning coder who’s got an instinct that there are lots of ways that your work can be used which go beyond the marketing, advertising, and recommendation engine “usual suspects”.
  • Maybe you’re a government policy maker who feels that those Machine Learning people probably have something valuable to contribute, but you need some help structuring your situation into a form that will allow data and evidence to play a part.
  • Maybe you’re a visionary, who understands that the great problems of the world remain unsolved because, in part, we are stuck in a way of thinking about them that is fundamentally limited.
  • Perhaps you understand that we must shift how we solve complex problems from Broca’s Area: an “alpha software” part of the brain that’s really limited in its computational power compared to visual and motor centers.
  • Or you might be an educator, who understands that systems thinking is the most important “literacy” of the 21st century.

My goal is to serve you all, and more, and to help to “connect the dots” both horizontally between domains (such as from education to health, climate, and energy) as well as vertically between modalities: up and down the data stack as well as up from an understanding of the brain, through how we work together, to how to create laws and policies, to how we solve the most intractable problems.

It’s a bit contradictory to be writing, in text, about a new communication and collaboration medium that is so fundamentally different than text. But there’s a method to the madness: my goal is to lead you down a path, from this text mode that is comfortable today, across to the interactive, graphical, visual/motor world of interactive decision modeling.

We won’t throw away text along the way, but we’ll increasingly integrate it with an approach that encourages “connected up” thinking. It’s the only way forward. So grab a cup of coffee, and let’s get going.




Lorien Pratt

Pratt has been delivering AI and DI solutions for her clients for over 30 years. These include the Human Genome Project, the Colorado Bureau of Investigation, the US Department of Energy, and the Administrative Office of the US Courts. Formerly a computer science professor, Pratt is a popular international speaker and has given two TEDx talks. Her Quantellia team offers AI, DI, and full-stack software solutions to clients worldwide. Previously a leading technology analyst, Pratt has also authored dozens of academic papers, co-edited the book: Learning to Learn, and co-authored the Decision Engineering Primer. Her next book: Link: How Decision Intelligence makes the Invisible Visible (Emerald Press), is in production. With media appearances such as on TechEmergence and GigaOm, Pratt is also listed on the Women Inventors and Innovator’s Mural. Pratt blogs at www.lorienpratt.com.

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